poker sports league team structure

Welcome to poker sports league

India's first professional Poker tournament league. The league will have 12 teams with 9 players in each team.

There are Four Ways That Players can Make it to a Team

1. Mentor Draft

The Mentor is the head of the team and is responsible for guiding this Pack. He is the one who calls the shots for his team in the Finale. They will be directly elected/chosen by the Team Owner. The league has invited the Top Indian players to act as Mentors and they will form a part of recommended list. The 9 Mentors who are not selected from the Mentor Recommendation List are automatically included in the Pro Player draft.

2. Pro Player Application

(Deadline 6th March)
Each team will have 2 Pro players who will be the ‘Key Players’. These will be chosen through a detailed selection procedure which will consider their poker skills and achievements. Please register on the site and fill the application with as many details as possible. A draft of 36 players will be announced. The first phase of the selection is already over and the second one will start on 22nd Feb. Please read the rules carefully before you fill the form.

3. Qualify Through Live Satellites

Each team will have 2 Live qualifiers who will be selected via live satellites which will run in a select few cities across India. The entire poker player community of India stands a chance to qualify. From the recreational players to the tournament regs, all will come down on the same platform. Those who show maximum skills and can climb the leaderboard will make it to draft of 48 players. Please read the rules carefully.

4. Qualify Through Online Satellites

Each team will have 2 Online qualifiers who will join the team by playing satellites on The entire online poker player community of India stands a chance to qualify. These freeroll tournaments will run for almost 3 months with top performers making it to the leaderboard. Please read the rules carefully.